The WRAP-UP e-course, 2 Videos

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In Video 1, I’ll prepare you for what to expect shortly after admission.

  • With the Chain of Communication you’ll more easily bond with the staff, because you’ll know who to speak with about questions, concerns, and compliments!

  • I’ll explain the “care plan process” because this is the road map of your Loved One’s care and services.  You’ll understand the importance of taking an active part in the process.

  • Finally, I’ll explain the different therapies, and why they’re key in helping your Loved One to restore function. Now you’ll know the important roles that physical, occupation and speech therapy play.

  • (Don’t forget to download the useful summary NOTES to the video!)


In Video 2, you'll learn how the discharge process happens and who orchestrates it.

  • You and your Loved One will know exactly who to talk to to get any answers you need.

  • For residents with Medicare Part A or Part C as the primary payer, learn how your Loved One is discharged from Medicare.  No surprises - you'll expect this Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN), and have the next primary payer at the ready!

  • (And of course, make sure to use the handy summary NOTES for this video, available in the Downloads section.)

What People Are Saying:

The computer novice can navigate the site and course easily! What a pleasure.

Rebecca P., RN, Orlando, FL

We were panicking because figuring out what to do was impossible. No one around us, even our doctor, knew what we should do next. OMG, Ingrid saved us! Thank you Ingrid

Jacqueline S., Asheville, NC

This course was a life-saver for my family. Before my doctor recommended this program, we didn't know how to start or what we were doing! As a health coach myself I can tell you that Ingrid did a great job in getting us all to a successful outcome.

Ruthie Lawrence, CHC, Certified Health Coach, Asheville, NC

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