The DETAILS e-course, 3 Videos

$197.00 USD

In Video 1, I’ll put your mind at ease so that you’re confident during your SNF tours

  • I can’t wait to introduce you to my newest toolkit, SNF Score It Now™  (It's ready for you to use - find it in the Downloads section)

  • SNF Score It Now™ ensures you cover all the important areas during your tour

  • I’ll review each part of SNF Score It Now™, so that you’ll know exactly what to look for, and why

  • Best of all, you’ll be able to score each facility that you tour! Then, you can easily compare the scores, and select an SNF that best suits your Loved One!


Video 2 is important because you'll learn how to:

  • Use my digital Find It NowTM tool to quickly and efficiently find and analyze 3 or 4 suitable SNFs for your Loved One or Elder, in ANY geographical area in the US! (Find It NowTM is ready for you to use immediately; it's in the Download section)

  • Notice all the valuable information at the on-line sites I show you how to locate with the Find It NowTM tool, and

  • Find the all-important Survey results for each SNF of interest! 

In Video 3 you’ll understand the crucial importance of knowing what the SNF's official “survey” results reveal, and how they can make a big difference in your choice of SNF

  • You won’t be intimidated by survey gobbledygook – I’ll explain my easy 4-Step System for decoding AND understanding survey results

  • Learn why “scope and severity” of a survey “deficiency” is important, and what action you can take

  • After this Module, you’ll be better at reading surveys than many professionals in LTC!

  • (Don’t forget to download the useful summary NOTES to the video!)

What People Are Saying:

I'm in the health care field and thought I knew a lot, and therefore I wasn't worried when our family needed to find an SNF placement for Dad. That soon changed: we had over 15 to choose from in Miami, but didn't know which one was best. Ingrid gave us 2 tools and a lot of information on how we pay for an SNF; it made it easier to choose! Then it was actually easy! We (and Dad) owe our sanity to Ingrid. Thanks, Ingrid.

Dylan G., Miami, FL

This course was a life-saver for my family. Before my doctor recommended this program, we didn't know how to start or what we were doing! As a health coach myself I can tell you that Ingrid did a great job in getting us all to a successful outcome.

Ruthie Lawrence, CHC, Certified Health Coach, Asheville, NC

The computer novice can navigate the site and course easily! What a pleasure.

Rebecca P., RN, Orlando, FL

We were panicking because figuring out what to do was impossible. No one around us, even our doctor, knew what we should do next. OMG, Ingrid saved us! Thank you Ingrid

Jacqueline S., Asheville, NC

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