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  • Online e-courses and digital coaching saves you valuable time, money, and frustrations...with expert guidance just a click away whenever you need it, 24-7

  • You'll quickly and easily become knowledgeable about the SNF process 

  • Master just those areas that meet your needs by choosing from 5 e-course options (below)

  • You'll be confident in knowing how select the best SNF that meets your Loved One's needs, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars


What You'll Receive


  • All e-courses use a number of comfortable teaching formats such as video modules and helpful graphics

  • Each video uses highlighted on-screen visuals to reinforce Ingrid's discussions with you

  • PDF Notes track to all the on-screen visuals so you can view and follow along together

  • Helpful downloadable PDFs and resource information

  • Each e-course below shows what you'll receive, and each Video's contents are listed on the checkout page

  • Community. Connect with others going through the course. Post comments, and ask questions and get answers in the Comments section under each video module

The All-in-One e-course

 SNF Right Now!TM

. . .  the whole enchilada

  • 10 relaxed videos will show you exactly how to find, evaluate, and select a skilled nursing facility (SNF) that best suits your Loved One—in record time
  • Learn who pays for what in a skilled nursing facility
  • Learn the one hospital admission status you MUST have to potentially save your Loved One tens of thousands of dollars
  • How to take the driver's seat as I guide you step-by-step through my drill-down system developed over 30 years in long term care   
  • Concise, useful, and targeted information, not theory and guesses      
  • Learn how to potentially avoid a Loved One's unneeded, disruptive, and difficult moves to a second facility by following the foundational strategy I present
  • Learn the hospital and SNF professionals to talk to, what to say, (and why)
  • Learn exactly how to evaluate a skilled nursing facility both during a tour and online; there are 7 domains that affect quality of life, and you'll be able to rate each
  • You'll get the tool I specially created to pinpoint 3-4 SNFs according to your Loved One's specific needs in just minutes!
  • You'll get my specially created tool to obtain and evaluate SNFs' survey results - in minutes
  • Learn how to master the admission process
  • Learn what to expect post-admission
  • Learn the vital importance of SNF discharge planning, and how to be a valuable member of it
  • All support notes!

Don't need the All-in-One SNF Right Now!TM e-course?

One of these shorter e-courses will work for you:

The FOUNDATION e-course

    • The reason(s) your Loved One needs SNF care & the importance of timeliness for their recovery

    • Understand who pays for what in a skilled nursing facility; types of payment

    • The secret to potentially saving thousands of dollars

    • What to look for during your tours of SNFs

    • Use a unique scoring tool to determine “the ONE” facility, or best fit for your Loved One

    • All support notes


The DETAILS e-course

    • The proprietary tool for finding up-to-date listing of SNFs, and how to narrow it down to 3-4 to tour

    • Locate & understand the importance of "survey" results (i.e., state and federal inspections) for determining quality of life issues

    • How to pick “the one SNF” that best suits your Loved One

    • All support notes


The HIGHLIGHTS e-course

  • A complete  understanding of the transition process from the hospital to the SNF

  • Tools to tame the admission paperwork beast your Loved One or representative will be encountering

  • Be familiar with what happens upon admission

  • All support notes


The WRAP-UP e-course

  • Strategies to reduce confusion about what happens within the first few weeks after admission

  • Learn about the Discharge Planning process

  • How your Loved One and you can actively participate from admission through discharge planning

  • All support notes


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