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Do you need to arrange for a skilled nursing facility, but are totally overwhelmed?


Then 1 of my 5 brief on-line programs will be your solution, today!

Please listen to my short video below and learn exactly what to do next, if . . . 

. . . you need to find a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for your loved one or elder - right now

. . . you honestly find this ordeal is too complicated, intimidating, and even scary

. . . you'd welcome the guidance of a 30+ year expert, a veteran of Skilled and Long Term Care (a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Drexel University MBA, Rutgers B.A.) to un-complicate and de-mystify this ordeal and

. . . you want to potentially save your Loved One tens of thousands of dollars, save your scarce & valuable time, and your sanity

. . . you want to know the 7 "Insider Secrets" to overcome the 6 Major Challenges . . . all this in about 3 hours or less

. . . you want the power to find all right SNFs in any city, county, or state in the U.S. you choose, in just 2 or 3 clicks, using a tool I developed for my clients

. . . then please, don't feel you have to go it alone, and struggle with the unknown."


I'm Your Long Term Care Coach

Hi ~ I'm Ingrid Blomgren, MBA, NHA and I'll show you how to solve your SNF needs through my risk-free digital coaching e-courses. You'll quickly find an SNF placement that best suits your loved one's needs.

(Currently, I'm offering a $30 savings on my All-in-One online program, SNF Right Now!tm; you can catch how to get this discount today at the end of my video.)


"OMG, I was overwhelmed with finding an SNF...but Ingrid's digital coaching guided us through everything, and I mean everything!"

Betsy B.
Miami, FL

"It couldn't have gone off easier. Thanks for making a difficult time all but disappear. Without your system, we'd be up the creek as we say down here."

Jon C.
Corpus Christi, TX

"Ingrid is simply the best coach our family could have hired! Thanks for SNF Right Now!"

Jill K.
Orlando, FL

"I had 2 questions that were important to me because my Mum isn't the easiest person to please. Ingrid's SNF Right Now! course had the solution we needed!"

Dolores D.
Asheville, NC

"This course was a life-saver for my family. Before my doctor recommended this program, we didn't know how to start or what we were doing! As a health coach myself I can tell you that Ingrid did a great job in getting us all to a successful outcome."

Ruth L., Certified Health Coach
Asheville, NC

More.... What Others Are Saying

"As a nursing professional for over 40 years, I can honestly say I wish the families and Loved Ones that I interacted with upon admission into the SNF had the benefit of the education this course (SNF Right Now!TM) provides! It would have made the transition to our setting so much easier and less stressful for all involved." ~ Rebecca P., Orlando, FL

"Long term care in today's environment is incredibly complex. Making the right choice for your loved one among the myriad of options and resources that make up today's long-term care continuum can be overwhelming. I have worked directly with Ingrid in the long term care arena for over a decade. Not only is her work exceptional, her passion as an advocate for seniors is undeniable. That combined with her knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of long-term care give me the confidence to say you'll be happy you chose Ingrid as your long-term care coach!" ~ Jerry G., Winter Park, Fl

"It couldn't have gone off easier. Thanks for making a difficult time all but disappear. Without your system, we'd be up the creek as we say down here." Jon C., Corpus Christi, TX


"Once I knew who to talk to at the SNF, what to say, what I really needed...the staff opened their hearts in one big easy process. Thanks, Ingrid; your course was really worth it." ~ Bonnie R-S, North Myrtle Beach, SC


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